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Manifesting the Vision: Celebrating Vintage African LGBTQ Love for Africa Pride 2024

Updated: Jun 8

By M - Energetic Vibrational Law of Attraction Coach and Founder of Iconic LGBTQ and Art By LGBTQ Artists with disabilities:

Note: This is an inspirational creative work envisioning the future we hope to make reality, not a factual historical account. Through the uplifting lens of Law of Attraction principles, we visualize the world we wish to see flourish in Africa and globally regarding LGBTQ equality, justice and open celebration.

As we approach the Africa Pride 2024 events, let us revel in the affirming truth that this is no longer just a dream deferred, but a vibrant reality being manifested into joyous existence across the continent.

You can watch and enjoy a wonderful vintage African LGBTQ Pride Montage, with music, over on my youtube channel here. you can watch and enjoy a wonderful vintage African LGBTQ Pride Montage over on my youtube channel here.

We join together to celebrate the long, arduous journey that has radically transformed the landscape for LGBTQ Africans.Only a decade ago, draconian discriminatory laws still mired many African nations in an oppressive, unenlightened regime of persecution towards LGBTQ citizens. But a rising chorus of defiant voices, courage and relentless activism eventually overturned these unjust, demeaning remnants of colonialism. In 2022, the final such law was struck down by the Namibian Supreme Court, catalyzing a renaissance of freedom sweeping every corner of Africa.

What mere years before would have seemed an impossible dream is today's breathtaking norm - LGBTQ Africans of all identities can express their authenticity openly and proudly, free from institutionalized hatred.

Same-gender marriages are nationally sanctioned and recognized with equal dignity. "Homosexual acts" have been decriminalized completely, liberating LGBTQ individuals from the perpetual specter of unjust detainment.

In a watershed act of historical atonement and closure, Truth and Reconciliation commissions were established to not only compensate those who endured abuse, violence or detainment due to their sexual orientations or gender identities, but to bear official witness to these grave injustices.

Families of those persecuted souls who tragically lost their lives finally received long-overdue recognition and restitution.

Fueling this seismic shift in the African LGBTQ liberation movement was the unbreakable perseverance of pioneers who tenaciously led the charge for change over past decades when the path seemed most daunting. Fearless crusaders like Ugandan poet Hans Senfuma, South African anti-apartheid icon Simon Nkoli, and many other unsung heroes remained steadfast in rallying resistance through turbulent times. In particular, Hans's poetry moved the entire world to action. One of his most touching pieces, the silent stars, set the ball in motion.

You can actually purchase the silent stars by Hans on my Red Bubble store. of the proceeds go to Hans, and the other 50% to LGBTQ Artists worldwide.

You can continue to read the rest of the article over on my substack here.

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