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I am the founder of Iconic LGBTQ The Art Of Gay Style and a vibrational energy coach working primarily with members of the LGBTQ community and professionals using English as a second language, though open to coaching anyone seeking elevated consciousness to transform their life, career, personal relationships, health and wealth through the law of attraction, NLP, neuroscience and source energy.

To purchase this artwork and many others simply click the images.

Through my Substack, you can read articles exploring the heritage culture and history of the LGBTQ community worldwide, as well as how to overcome adversity and live your highest vibration through love, light, and authenticity.

I am here to also add my support and offer vibrational change to improve the situation across the whole of the African continent for all currently facing challenges. I feature articles focusing upon issues being faced and how to raise our vibrational energy to elevate above And bring about change for all through light, positive energy art and love.

To purchase this artwork and many others simply click the image.

My platform features uplifting LGBTQ artwork available for purchase , with proceeds supporting disabled LGBTQ artists worldwide. You can also find inspirational content on my YouTube channel celebrating LGBTQ culture across decades.

In addition to one-on-one and group vibrational coaching sessions, I offer my services as a keynote speaker to organizations wishing to inspire their workforce towards massive positive changes. Drawing from quantum physics, neuroscience, NLP, and the law of attraction, my aim is to help individuals and teams raise their energetic frequencies to manifest their ideal realities.

Connect with me to learn more about working together through writing, creative projects, coaching, or engaging me as a speaker for your company's transformative events. I look forward to uplifting more souls on this journey.

Remember, the journey is the destination and YOU are the light!


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