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AFRICA PRIDE 2024 is a global collective experience that brings together the LGBTQIA+ community, allies, and supporters, celebrating love, acceptance, and equality.

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Leading an Africa-wide & Global Coalition
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Image by Mike Ralph
1968 Rev. Troy Perry
Pre-Stonewall March
Global Call to Action


In the years before Stonewall, there was no Pride movement, only legalized oppression and despair within our marginalized LGBTQ+ community.

At great personal risk of arrest, careers and reputations, we took to the streets. 


We marched. We sang.  We prayed. And MUCH MORE.

55+ years later, we are witnessing a tsunami of homophobia and laws criminalizing the lives of our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters around the world, with growing intensity in Africa.


This is my 2024 CALL TO ACTION:  March, Sing, Pray and join together in solidarity as we seek to uplift, protect and build resilience no matter where you are in the world.

- Rev. Elder Troy D. Perry
Co-Founder, Christopher Street West / LA PRIDE
Founder, Metropolitan Community Chuches


Blue Sky

Stonewall Day / Friday, June 28
Satuday, June 29 - Sunday, June 30

Omar van Reenen
Steven Kabuye
Hans Senfuma
Angel Maxine
Shivanah Blackbird

AFRICA PRIDE 2024 is an Africa-wide Pride event with hybrid online programs and local gatherings, both private and public, depending on local conditions, safety and security.  


Pride Marches and musical performances will become a virtual experience interfaced with local participation in 22+ African countries, along with others around the world. 


Solidarity Marches with community groups and individuals marching in solidarity.

Engaging displays of unity representing various LGBTQIA+ identities, history, and achievements.


Music, dance performances, and inspiring speeches.

Artists from the LGBTQIA+ community and allies featuring emerging artists and performers.


Exhibition hall offering resources, information and support.

Mental health awareness zone, HIV testing information, legal advice, and safe spaces. 

Faith-based outreach with spiritual groups.



Story sharing with poetry, video and music.

Art galleries, exhibitions and virtual photo booths for self-expression. 

Short films and videos highlighting the history, culture and current issues facing the LGBTQIA+ community.



Community groups, churches, spiritual communities and individuals around the world join in candlelight events to honor the lives of LGBTQIA+ members lost to violence and discrimination, and those suffering under anti-LGBTQ+ laws and increasing homophobia / transphobia.  A collective act and message of HOPE and RESILIENCE, standing together in UNITY.

Sunday, June 30

March . Sing . Pray

Rainbow Flags

Solidarity Marches

With Pride parades and marches are not being held across much of the African continent, AFRICA PRIDE is an international march by individuals in solidarity with those unable to march and celebrate in public.

AFRICA PRIDE Solidarity Marches will be experienced virtually across Africa and in partnership with individuals participating in Pride events.

Friends and family joining together in small gatherings throughout Africa may create their own version of a march and share with others online around the world.

Participants in Pride parades on June 29 & 30 will March in Solidarity.

Euro Pride
Dublin Pride
Paris Pride
London Pride
Oslo Pride
Mexico CIty Pride
Bogota Pride
San Antonio Pride
Lexington Pride
Tanzania Pride

San Francisco Pride
NYC Pride
Toronto Pride
Twin Cities Pride


Concert for Liberation

Led by Uganda musical artist Shivanah, YOU can participate in this concert with your voice, a musical instrument or by organizing a local event in your area - anywere in the world!   


The concert includes both LIVE events and pre-produced video, including a Virtual Choir featuring participants around the world.

Shivanah Blackbird

Sunday, June 30

Candlelight Events

Sunday, June 30

Community groups, churches, temples, spiritual communities and individuals around the world join in a candlelight vigil to honor LGBTQIA+ pioneers and those lost to discrimination, and to share in a message of HOPE and RESILIENCE, standing together in UNITY.

Modern Architecture
Art Gallery

Art Galleries

Opening June 28 - October 31

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Office Hall
Exhibit Hall

Exhibit Hall

Opening June 28

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