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Stonewall 55th Anniversary

Upholding 75 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Africa is in a historic state of emergency.

People of all faiths, sexual orientations and identities can no longer remain silent.

In this 75th year of the post-second World War Declaration of Human Rights, we’re witnessing the consequences of a decades-long crusade for “Family Values” driven by primarily North American evangelicals armed with scientifically debunked pseudoscience.  


Indeed, Africa’s family values have been undermined and destroyed in historic proportions.

Leveraging their influence within the United Nations itself, these well funded organizations are destroying families and lives with religious fervor and strategic precision.

This multi-organization effort has been influencing the work of the United Nations and has now risen to the US Supreme Court.  The recent anti-abortion ruling ending Roe vs Wade was even used to uphold the Anti Homosexuality Act 2023 (“Kill the Gays” law) in the Ugandan Constitutioal Court to justify the outlawing of homosexuality and the death penalty.

Ghana in the West, Uganda & Kenya in the East, Congo in the Center, and Namibia in the South are all under attack.  And it won't stop there.

My call to action includes marches, singing and prayer, but does not end there.  

I’m calling on people of all faiths to join our Africa Pride Coalition supporting the work of the United Nations Advocacy Program of InterPride, the international association of event organizers, through InterPride’s newly granted United Nations Consultative Status.

For centuries, Africa has been under assault.

An astoundingly rich landscape of African proud traditions and cultures were collateral damage as predominantly European colonizers ravaged the continent, driven by the forces of economic, political and religious domination, even leading to genocide. 

An entire continent has been held captive to invaders resulting in a centuries-long struggle for survival, as the invaders enriched their countries and exported the African people themselves to dominate the North American continent as a proud indigenous people were facing their own genocide by these same invaders.

Just prior to the first World War, a historic period known as the New Imperialism marked a rapid acceleration of colonial expansion by European regimes across the African continent, disrupting traditional African ways of life, politics and societies.

An Unholy Imperialism

In the past few decades, a new predominantly North American Unholy Imperialism has taken aim at further domination of the African continent in the guise of Christianity, fueled by twisted theology now threatening the lives of people who are praying for their own survival in this ongoing assault. 

We must voice our opposition to religious and pseudoscience extremism that is destroying lives and leading to a new African genocide.

It began by targeting the LGBTQIA+ people of Africa, and is now unfolding in an anti-abortion crusade across the continent, threatening the lives of women and families, as this religious extremism is morphing into yet another dimension of misery and destruction.

As with indigenous North American cultures, African sexual orientation and identity is not a new phenomenon nor an import from the West.  The African people have undergone an assault over these past centuries, now being reinforced by mass homophobia and legalized genocide.

On this 55th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, I’m calling on people of all faiths, sexual orientations and identities to lift our voices to Restore African Pride. 


We condemn corrupted theology and abusive pseudoscience in this oppressive new Unholy Imperialism now reinforcing its evil through intensifying hatred, violence and state-sanctioned imprisonment and death.


Under the guise of protecting “traditional family values”, a vast web of anti-LGBT+ bigots are funneling dark money around the world and acting with impunity as they devastate LGBT+ lives and communities.

Expose Global Ant-LGBTQ Funding

In the years before Stonewall, there was no Pride movement, only legalized oppression and despair within our marginalized LGBTQ+ community.

At great personal risk of arrest, careers and reputations, we took to the streets. 

We Marched. We Sang. We Prayed. And much MORE.

55+ years later, we are witnessing a tsunami of homophobia and laws criminalizing the lives of our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters around the world, with growing intensity in Africa.

March, Sing, Pray and join together in solidarity wherever you are in the world, as we seek to uplift, protect, build resilience, and Restore African Pride.
Join us!
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