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Solidarity Marches

Details Coming Soon

As Pride parades and marches are not possible across much of the African continent, AFRICA PRIDE is an international march by individuals in solidarity with those unable to march and celebrate in public.

AFRICA PRIDE Solidarity Marches will be experienced virtually across Africa and in partnership with individuals marching in Pride events in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Norway, Greece, Mexico, and Colombia.

Friends and family in small gatherings throughout Africa may create their own version of a march and share with others online around the world.

Participants in Pride parades & marches on June 29 & 30 will March in Solidarity.

Euro Pride
Dublin Pride
Paris Pride
London Pride
Oslo Pride
Mexico CIty Pride
Bogota Pride
San Antonio Pride
Lexington Pride
Tanzania Pride
San Francisco Pride
NYC Pride
Toronto Pride
Twin Cities Pride

March in Solidarity
Join us at one of these Prides!

Thank you for Marching in Solidarity!

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