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Hans Senfuma

LGBTQIA+ Activist + Poet

The Poetic World of Hans Senfuma

I’m Hans Senfuma, a native Ugandan.  I stand as a beacon of courage and resilience in a country where I fight for LGBTQ+ rights. The current situation is both urgent and perilous. For two decades, I have championed the cause, defying prejudice, danger, and discrimination.


Born on August 7, 2003, the same day my mother left this world, I emerged as a force to be reckoned with. My journey began long ago before the world recognized my name. A journey marked by my love, loss, and unwavering determination.



In the face of Uganda’s abysmal anti-queer discrimination, I stepped forward. I became a lifeline for fellow queer Ugandans, navigating treacherous waters with grace and tenacity. My activism transcended mere advocacy; it was a battle for survival, a fight against a system that sought to silence and suppress.


The passing of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill on March 21, 2023, cast a dark shadow over the LGBTQ+ community. But I, Hans, refused to retreat. I stood tall, even as threats loomed and violence whispered its sinister promises. My voice echoed through the alleys, demanding justice, acceptance, and equality.


As an activist, I wear many hats. I collaborate with organizations that amplifiy unheard voices, and weave hope into the fabric of despair. My courage is contagious, inspiring others to rise alongside me. I know that change isn’t a distant dream; it’s stitched into every heartbeat, every tear shed, and every battle fought.


But the path I tread is treacherous. The recent attack on fellow activist Steven Kabuye, who I work with in the same organization, Coloured Voices Media Foundation, serves as a chilling reminder.  Kabuye, too, fought for LGBTQ+ rights, and the assailants sought to silence him forever. Undeterred, I raise my voice louder.  I refuse to be a footnote in a tragic narrative; instead, I stitch defiance into the very fabric of my existence.


Colors of Freedom

Hans Senfuma, 2024

In the quiet corners of courage,
Where love blooms unapologetically,
The rainbow unfurls its vibrant hues,
A symphony of resilience and authenticity.

Red whispers tales of passion,
Bold hearts aflame, unyielding,
Defying norms, embracing desire,
Their love, an inferno that burns bright.

Orange dances with exuberance,
Like sun-kissed petals in morning dew,
Transcending boundaries, forging bonds,
Their unity a beacon, unwavering and true.

Yellow radiates warmth and hope,
Golden sunsets on the horizon of acceptance,
They stand tall, arms linked, voices raised,
Chasing away shadows with unwritten love notes.​​

Green weaves stories of growth, roots entwined, branches reaching skyward,They nurture love like tender saplings,Their existence a testament to resilience.

Blue paints the canvas of vulnerability,
Ocean waves crashing against prejudice,
They sail through storms, eyes fixed on the horizon,
Their love, a compass guiding them home.

Indigo dreams of a world unshackled,
Where labels dissolve like morning mist,
They write their own narratives, fierce and unapologetic,
Their ink, a manifesto etched in stardust.

Violet blooms in defiance of silence,
Petals unfurling, embracing authenticity,
They wear their colors proudly, unafraid,
Their love, a kaleidoscope of liberation.

So let us raise our voices, hand in hand,
For love knows no boundaries, no confines,
In the tapestry of existence, we find our place,
United by love, we paint the world in rainbows.

Gradient Background

Rainbow Resilience

Hans Senfuma, 2024

In the heart of Uganda's sun-kissed land,
Where shadows dance and secrets stand,
A vibrant spectrum blooms, defying night,
The rainbow whispers tales of strength and light.

The Forbidden Hues

Amidst the savannah's golden sway,
Lives a love that dares not see the day.
LGBT souls, painted with forbidden hues,
Yearn for acceptance, their hearts ablaze.

The Whispered Kiss

Beneath the acacia's ancient boughs,
Two souls entwine, their love unbowed.
Their whispered kiss, a fragile flame,
Ignites defiance, defies the world's cruel game.

The Silent Stars

In the velvet night, they find their solace,
Silent stars bearing witness to their grace.
Hand in hand, they trace constellations,
Mapping dreams across the vast Ugandan sky.​

The Hidden Letters

Letters etched in courage, inked in fear,
Spell out resilience, yearning to be clear.
L, G, B, T—each syllable a battle cry,
Against laws that seek to silence their sky.

The Unyielding Petals

Like resilient petals on a thorny stem,
They bloom, despite the odds stacked against them.
Their love, a fierce rebellion against the norm,
Challenging prejudice, weathering life's storm.

The Echoing Drums

In the heart of Kampala, where drums resound,
They dance—defiant, unyielding, unbound.
Their bodies weave stories of love's defiance,
Echoing through valleys, crossing every fence.

The Anthem of Freedom

Raise your voices, Uganda's brave souls,
Sing an anthem of freedom, where love unfolds.
For in the kaleidoscope of love's embrace,
Lies the promise of change — a brighter space.

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