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Aerial View of Islands

Colors of Freedom

by Hans Senfuma

In the quiet corners of courage,

Where love blooms unapologetically,

The rainbow unfurls its vibrant hues,

A symphony of resilience and authenticity.

Red whispers tales of passion,

Bold hearts aflame, unyielding,

Defying norms, embracing desire,

Their love, an inferno that burns bright.

Orange dances with exuberance,

Like sun-kissed petals in morning dew,

Transcending boundaries, forging bonds,

Their unity a beacon, unwavering and true.

Yellow radiates warmth and hope,

Golden sunsets on the horizon of acceptance,

They stand tall, arms linked, voices raised,

Chasing away shadows with unwritten love notes.​​

Green weaves stories of growth, roots entwined,

branches reaching skyward,T

hey nurture love like tender saplings,

Their existence a testament to resilience.

Blue paints the canvas of vulnerability,

Ocean waves crashing against prejudice,

They sail through storms, eyes fixed on the horizon,

Their love, a compass guiding them home.

Indigo dreams of a world unshackled,

Where labels dissolve like morning mist,

They write their own narratives, fierce and unapologetic,

Their ink, a manifesto etched in stardust.

Violet blooms in defiance of silence,

Petals unfurling, embracing authenticity,

They wear their colors proudly, unafraid,

Their love, a kaleidoscope of liberation.

So let us raise our voices, hand in hand,

For love knows no boundaries, no confines,

In the tapestry of existence, we find our place,

United by love, we paint the world in rainbows.

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