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Aerial View of Islands

Rainbow Resilience

by Hans Senfuma

In the heart of Uganda's sun-kissed land,

Where shadows dance and secrets stand,

A vibrant spectrum blooms, defying night,

The rainbow whispers tales of strength and light.

The Forbidden Hues

Amidst the savannah's golden sway,

Lives a love that dares not see the day.

LGBT souls, painted with forbidden hues,

Yearn for acceptance, their hearts ablaze.

The Whispered Kiss

Beneath the acacia's ancient boughs,

Two souls entwine, their love unbowed.

Their whispered kiss, a fragile flame,

Ignites defiance, defies the world's cruel game.

The Silent Stars

In the velvet night, they find their solace,

Silent stars bearing witness to their grace.

Hand in hand, they trace constellations,

Mapping dreams across the vast Ugandan sky.​

The Hidden Letters

Letters etched in courage, inked in fear,

Spell out resilience, yearning to be clear.

L, G, B, T—each syllable a battle cry,

Against laws that seek to silence their sky.

The Unyielding Petals

Like resilient petals on a thorny stem,

They bloom, despite the odds stacked against them.

Their love, a fierce rebellion against the norm,

Challenging prejudice, weathering life's storm.

The Echoing Drums

In the heart of Kampala, where drums resound,

They dance—defiant, unyielding, unbound.

Their bodies weave stories of love's defiance,

Echoing through valleys, crossing every fence.

The Anthem of Freedom

Raise your voices, Uganda's brave souls,

Sing an anthem of freedom, where love unfolds.

For in the kaleidoscope of love's embrace,

Lies the promise of change — a brighter space.

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