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Aerial View of Islands

Wings of Freedom

by Hans Senfuma

In the shadowed alleys of my soul, Where fear once held dominion, A beacon of light emerged, Guiding me toward liberation.

Rev. Troy Perry, your hands, Strong and tender, reached out, Lifting me from the depths of despair, As if you knew my heart’s silent shout.

You, the architect of sanctuary, Built bridges across oceans, Crafting hope from the raw materials Of compassion and unwavering devotion.

Thank you, dear Troy, for the visa, A golden ticket to lands unknown, Where maple leaves dance in the breeze, And acceptance blooms like spring’s first bud.

Your kindness unfurls like a rainbow, Spanning continents and hearts, And I, a grateful traveler, Embark on a pilgrimage toward authenticity.

Canada awaits, its vastness echoing The expanse of my newfound freedom, Where love knows no borders, And my truth can finally breathe.

So here’s to you, Rev. Troy Perry, A hero in the quiet corners of history, May your legacy ripple through time, A symphony of love, resilience, and grace.

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