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A Mother's Love

Updated: May 14

A Mothers Day Poem by Hans Senfuma

In the quiet of dawn, when the sun first peeks,

A mother's love blooms, steadfast and unique.

She stood strong, a single beacon of light,

Guiding her boys through life's darkest night.

The Road Trips of Love

Across winding highways and sun kissed plains,

She wove memories like golden threads in their veins.

Her car became a vessel of dreams and delight,

As they chased sunsets and stars into the night.

Material Things, Forgotten

Material possessions? They mattered not.

For love was their currency, the treasure they sought.

In the rustle of maps and the hum of the wheels,

They found riches beyond what mere gold reveals.

Steve's Remembrance

Steve, now a man, recalls those winding roads,

The laughter, the stories, the love that bestowed.

His heart, a compass, forever points back,

To the road trips of love on life's endless track.

A Mother to Many

When we entered her life, a new chapter began,

She embraced us as her own, a part of her plan.

Three sons now call her "Mom," hearts intertwined,

A legacy of love, unbreakable, defined.

Lessons Carved in Love

She taught them resilience, the value of strife,

Hard work, independence the rhythm of life.

Her love etched lessons deep into their souls,

A symphony of sacrifice, where every note consoles.

On This Mother's Day

So let us raise our voices, hearts full of grace,

To the woman who shaped them, in love's warm embrace.

Happy Mother's Day, dear mom, across time and space,

Your legacy of devotion, forever we'll trace.

With gratitude and love,

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