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Aerial View of Islands

Celestial Bodies in Orbit by FYJ

Beneath the moon's soft shimmering light,

Two bodies gracefully dance in the night.

One world that hides, one world that's unseen,

Yet love, unyielding, breaks through the screen.

Amidst the whispers of the wind and starry skies,

Their hearts align, no need for disguise.

A simple touch, a fleeting glance,

An orbit true, in this cosmic dance.

Defying the gravity of societal norms,

They navigate through cosmic storms.

Their love shines bright, a guiding light,

Illuminating even the darkest night.

In this vast expanse of uncharted space,

They've carved out their own special place.

No constellation can define or contain

The boundless love they both sustain.

So let the planets twirl and sway,

In love's embrace, they'll find their way.

A universe both near and far,

Each other's guiding star they are.

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