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Aerial View of Islands

Chasing Rainbows

Updated: May 14

by Hans Senfuma

In the quiet dawn, when skies are brushed with dew, A spectral bridge emerges, vivid and true. Seven colors dance upon the canvas of air, Each with a tale to tell, a secret to share.

Red: The passionate flame that ignites the day, A bold declaration of love’s fervent sway. It paints the roses’ petals, the cardinal’s wing, A beacon of warmth in every living thing.

Orange: The sun’s embrace, a citrus kiss, As morning unfolds in a golden bliss. It whispers of harvests, of pumpkin spice, And lingers on the horizon, oh so nice.

Yellow: The laughter of daffodils in bloom, A sunflower’s face turned toward the room. It’s the promise of summer, of lemonade sips, A burst of joy that dances on our lips.

Green: The lush canopy of forest and fern, Where emerald leaves catch the sun’s return. It breathes life into landscapes, a verdant song, A sanctuary where all creatures belong.

Blue: The tranquil expanse of ocean and sky, Where dreams set sail and seagulls fly. It cradles the world in its azure embrace, A haven for wanderers seeking solace.

Indigo: The twilight’s mystery, deep and wise, A cloak for stardust and celestial ties. It weaves cosmic tales in the midnight air, An invitation to wonder, to venture where.

Violet: The regal hue of twilight’s descent, A velvet curtain drawn as day relents. It whispers of magic, of lilac dreams, A final stroke of beauty before night redeems.

So let us chase rainbows, my friend, hand in hand, Across meadows and mountains, through shifting sand. For in their kaleidoscope, we find hope’s embrace, A promise of wonder in every vibrant trace.

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