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"Devin's Dreams" - A Time-Traveling Journey and LGBTQ Author Interview About Championing Disadvantaged Youth, LGBTQ History and Creativity

Updated: May 16

By M - Energetic Vibrational Law of Attraction Coach and Founder of Iconic LGBTQ and Art By LGBTQ Artists with disabilities:

As those of you who follow me know, part of my work here and on my Substack is to help amplify the voices and creative works of LGBTQ artists, writers, and visionaries worldwide. In my ongoing interview series, we celebrate those who are using their talents to explore the depths of queer experiences across cultures and generations.

Today, I have the pleasure of featuring D. C. Wilkinson, an educator-turned-author whose debut novel "Devin's Dreams" weaves a captivating tale that transcends boundaries of time, identity, and self-discovery. Drawing from his own decades of experience working with LGBTQ youth in New York City's public schools, D. C. crafts a multidimensional narrative that immerses readers in one man's journey through the struggles, joys, and universal connections that bind the queer community.

In this insightful interview, D. C. reflects on the evolution of LGBTQ societal attitudes since his own formative years in the 1970s. He shares inspirations behind "Devin's Dreams," navigating themes like bullying, coming out, body image pressures, and the perseverance required to live authentically.

His perspectives offer a poignant reminder of how far LGBTQ rights have progressed through tireless activism and refusal to remain unseen. His interview serves as a uplifting read for those in other parts of the World still campaigning for freedoms and rights. You can read the full interview on my substack here.

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