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Never Complain, Never Explain: Let Your Vision Speak Louder Than the Doubters - Just Like These Black LGBTQ Creative Legends

By M - Energetic Vibrational Law of Attraction Coach and Founder of Iconic LGBTQ and Art By LGBTQ Artists with disabilities:

As another week starts, moving us ever nearer to Pride month, it's a powerful time to reflect on the uncompromising spirits who helped blaze the trail for LGBTQ expression through their art.
Especially those from the Black community who even now, especially in Africa, face the compounded struggle of racism and queer oppression. Too often, the narratives and pioneers from this intersection get overshadowed or erased entirely.But make no mistake, Black queer artists have been creating provocative, boundary-pushing work for decades - much of it fueled by a defiant refusal to seek validation from the status quo.

This resilience offers a masterclass in shutting out the noise of the detractors and naysayers to unapologetically pursue your vision.

Never complain about the lack of understanding. Never explain yourself to those determined to remain oblivious. Let your artistic truth speak for itself, in bold, reverberating strokes. That's the ethos carried by legends like...

The Poetic World of Hans Senfuma: “I know that change isn’t a distant dream; it’s stitched into every heartbeat, every tear shed, and every battle fought.”

The passing of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill on March 21, 2023, cast a dark shadow over the LGBTQ+ community. But Hans, a native Gay Ugandan Poet stands as a beacon of courage and resilience in a country where he fights for LGBTQ+ rights. 

The current situation is both urgent and perilous. For two decades, he has championed the cause, defying prejudice, danger, and discrimination. Refusing to retreat. Standing tall, even as threats loomed and violence whispered its sinister promises. “My voice echoed through the alleys, demanding justice, acceptance, and equality.”

As an activist, Hans wears many hats. He collaborates with organizations that amplifiy unheard voices, and weave hope into the fabric of despair. Iconic LGBTQ, The Art of Gay Style is privileged to stand alongside Hans, and to help him promote his work to create a financial income for him.

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