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Igniting the Flame of Hope: How Poetry and Unity are Uplifting LGBTQ+ Voices in Africa

Updated: May 16

By M - Energetic Vibrational Law of Attraction Coach and Founder of Iconic LGBTQ and Art By LGBTQ Artists with disabilities:
In the heart of Uganda, amidst a landscape shrouded in fear and oppression, a beacon of resilience shines through the words of Hans Senfuma, a courageous LGBTQ+ activist and poet. His powerful verses, woven with threads of defiance and authenticity, have ignited a spark that has transcended borders, uniting voices across the globe in a harmonious chorus of hope and solidarity.

The recent passage of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill on March 21, 2023, cast a dark shadow over the LGBTQ+ community, but Hans refused to retreat. Read my full article and the uplifting angle about this amazing poet and activist on my substack.

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