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A Cup of Tea in Canada

Updated: May 18

Ah, what a delightful thought!

by Hans Senfuma, Uganda with Kat Kai Kol-Kes, vocals, Botswana

Picture us sitting by a sunlit window, the aroma of freshly brewed tea enveloping us.

The poems, like fragile paper boats, will sail across the table, carrying whispers of longing, resilience, and hope.

We’ll read them aloud, our voices harmonizing with the clinking of porcelain cups.

In that shared moment, distance will dissolve, and our souls will dance.


To my friend an ocean away...

The Quest for Safety

Your commitment resonates deeply.

You are a beacon of compassion, tirelessly navigating the labyrinth of bureaucracy and uncertainty. Together, we weave a safety net one that cradles dreams and shelters hearts.

I am grateful beyond words.

Kindness as a Beacon

Kindness is a lantern in the darkest night. It illuminates paths unseen, dispelling shadows of despair. Your spirit, fueled by empathy, ignites hope in my chest. When the world feels heavy, your kindness lifts me, reminding me that goodness persists.

Hope Blooms Hope, my dear friend, is a resilient bloom. It thrives even in the harshest soil. Your unwavering belief in a better tomorrow waters its roots. As we wait, as we strive, hope unfurls its petals one by one. And in its delicate fragrance, we find solace.

Stay Connected Let our emails continue to bridge oceans. Share your days, your musings, your triumphs. I’ll listen, as if we’re sitting across that imaginary table, sipping tea. Our connection transcends borders, and in this shared space, we are home.

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