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From Darkness to Daybreak: Africa's LGBTQ Movement Shines Radiantly

Updated: Jun 8

By M - Energetic Vibrational Law of Attraction Coach and Founder of Iconic LGBTQ and Art By LGBTQ Artists with disabilities: &

As we celebrate Pride month, our hearts can understandably become heavy knowing that in parts of Africa, LGBTQ individuals face oppression, criminalization, and even the threat of death simply for being who they are.
The situation is dire, with recent horrific murders serving as a sobering reminder of the very real dangers the LGBTQ community faces across the continent.In Uganda, draconian laws impose severe punishments, including the death penalty, for same-sex relations. Similar laws exist in other African nations as well. Just being open about one's identity can put lives at risk. It's a human rights crisis that demands our attention and action.

And yet, focusing solely on the atrocities and injustices, as crucial as it is to acknowledge them, is not enough. In many ways, it fuels the very fear, hate, and negativity that enable such violations to persist in the first place.

During this season of Pride, when we celebrate the beauty, courage, and resilience of the LGBTQ community worldwide, it's more vital than ever that we approach the situation in Africa from a space of love, optimism, and an unwavering vision of the future we wish to create.

From a law of attraction perspective, the energy we put out into the world, both as individuals and a collective, has a profound impact on shaping our reality. By engaging in fear, anger, or despair over current circumstances, we inadvertently strengthen the hold of those negative forces.Instead, we must make a conscious choice to embody the values of compassion, hope, and an unshakeable belief that positive change is possible – no matter how bleak things may appear in the present moment.

When we approach any situation from a vibration of love rather than hatred, surprising solutions often emerge that were previously unseen.

Creative ideas flow more freely. We begin to notice the helpers, allies, and good news stories that are always there if we have the eyes to see them.

Most importantly, staying centered in a frequency of higher consciousness anchors that energy into the collective field, uplifting and inspiring others. It's how we create a palpable shift, planting seeds that will eventually blossom into the world we wish to see.

The LGBTQ community in Africa is vibrant, colorful, and bravely persisting against all odds. Despite marginalization and danger, people across the continent are standing up, speaking out, and boldly declaring, "We are here!"
To honor their courage and bear witness to their humanity, I've put together a musical, candle-lit meditation, montage of photographs celebrating the radiant beauty, pride, and resilience of African LGBTQ individuals throughout the last few decades.

Complementing the visuals and audio, is a flickering meditation candle (above), which is an actual image of the real life versions that you can purchase, poetry written by brilliant young Ugandan poet / writer, Hans Senfuma, whose life is currently under threat simply for expressing himself authentically through the written word. You can read more about Hans here on the Africa Pride 2024 site, which I highly encourage you all to support:

Each frame offers a window into the souls of people who embraced fear and refused to be unseen.The montage, which you can view on the iconic LGBTQ Youtube channel below, features photography of fearless individuals who were willing to take risks to amplify LGBTQ African voices and stories. They're They're a powerful visual legacy inspiring generations to come.

Interwoven with the photographs are magnificent African musical tracks, along with the soaring, transcendent voice of the legendary Whitney Houston, whose own life was a profound testament to black, African humanity shining bright even through immense darkness and pain.

As her vocals soar, inviting us to emotional heights, we're reminded that while the LGBTQ experience in Africa is one of adversity, triumph remains ever-...You can continue to read the rest of the article over on my substack here.

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